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Condoms, tailor-made for you!

Condoms in your specific size. Welcome to the Mister Size Tailors where you will receive your free 3 pack of condoms to find your perfect fit.

Fill in the form below…

Receive your free 'tailor-made' Mister Size Condoms!

Fill in the below online form to receive a free of charge 3 pack of condoms, so that you can find your perfect fitting condom forever.

Mister Size Test Packs

After filling in our online form below, you will be sent one of the below Mister Size test packs, so that you can try before you buy…

First, you need to gauge which test pack is suitable for you!

You will need to either:

  1. Measure up with our printout PDF measuring tool and let us know which size you are within the form. From here we will choose for you which test pack will be best for you.

  2. Don’t have a printer? Just let us know within the form whether you believe you are a small, medium, or large size and we will send you the test pack depending on your estimation. You can even think about standard condoms you have used before: If standard condoms are to big for you, just chose small now, if standard condoms fits you, just choose medium, if standard condoms are to small for you choose large size now.

Please note we will only ever send goods out to UK residents, as we are the UK distributor of Mister Size.

This promotion has ended

We are sorry, but this promotion has ended!

Terms and conditions:

This promotion is for a limited time only. Whilst stocks last. Maximum participation is 4,500 people. We will send out test packs to a maximum of 1,500 of each test pack size. The maximum times you can participate in this promotion is once. You may not enter yourself into this promotion multiple times. This promotion will be live from 17th October to 17th November 2022.

The promoter of this promotion is:

Pasante Healthcare Limited
21 Commerce Way
West Sussex
BN15 8TA
United Kingdom

Your data will be stored by both Vinergy GmbH as the operator of this website (see Privacy Policy) and the organiser of this promotion Pasante Healthcare Limited. You can request the deletion of your data from both at any time.